by New Metro

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water fight, waterheim they say everything just blows away, sure as hell hope this goes away when summer comes again, i'll lick my wounds and start again
bones and eyes and mouth it's the boy and he's hiding out i could touch his face fills with color in the place where the sky hangs low his mother is below she won't know he won't cry anymore he's the lord
way out in the woods i don't wanna fall and i don't wanna get way out in the woods i don't wanna fall and i don't wanna get hurt way out in the woods you got called a name and i just laid there dying bleeding from the heart sitting here at home n i'm just holding a cigarette
'Love is all Unsatisfied That cannot take the whole Body and soul'; And that is what Jane said. 'Take the sour If you take me I can scoff and lour And scold for an hour.' 'That's certainly the case,' said he. 'Naked I lay, The grass my bed; Naked and hidden away, That black day'; And that is what Jane said. 'What can be shown? What true love be? All could be known or shown If Time were but gone.' 'That's certainly the case,' said he.
Falling fog on windswept, rain-soaked dunes Scatters time and time again the shifting hope And static dread of the islander's heart. With every angered pulse on Pamlico's door Withered and decaying sands yield precious inches Gathered from unknowable sources Defying god and all his might and vigor Stands tall and resolute cedar-planked forests Of fleeting homes for passersby in transit To life beyond, yet searching for recluse Those straggled scattered few bent to nature's winds disquieted by howling ululations And stretched by pounding undulation then live in shifting tides of changing faces Yes those straggled scattered few are lifted then to life commensurate of all before them Who haunt the hypnagogic mass of fleeting bathers; Spirits ancestral who, by their divinity Blow winds as fierce as on the rain-soaked dunes. Those straggled scattered few Then stranded though they be Live life empyreal and noble through that force That bends them for that force shall one day, And for time immeasurable, be conflated with their own Falling fog calls forth those scattered dead That stranded, dreading, staid their time And left upon this fragile strip, ever mortal A life beyond, remembered well.
Empty streets and brackish puddles Pains of setaceous caterwauling wind on rain-streaked broken panes Gently rising mist round illucid lamps Sweet skies scented with smoke and purple clouds obscuring stars houses, homes are ever living faintly lighted warm, and welcome picking out the unlit buildings broken home and house divided out the broken windows, crying Pains of living scream with the wind Throes of death speak loudest silent
pretty girls rock your world n you'll never have a heart in their dress you'll find the best, back behind her night dress she's quiet, coy, she's great at sex she's so profound you'll never see she's shallow as a puddle now I know all women are bad they're evil little things and if one's hands are 'round your neck, might as well be a string
I am so harsh, and you are so pretty maybe on Monday we'll go make a baby or in a year in a year it'll be Sunday when all our problems are fears a few short years later, our kid will be big and when he gets angry, he'll yell like a bitch we'll holler and fight, because no one is happy the world will seem small, stupid, and lacking i'm scared for my children i'm scared for their mother she's over the edge, though i know i still love her but our family is strangled and dead i just hope to God that this ends we'll be old and numb in the end the numbness seems better than this better than this shit
there's a soft ringing in your chest from the bullets that I laid there and I hope that you'll forgive me in a year there's a soft ringing in your chest from the bullets that I laid there and I hope that you'll forget me in a year


Impromptus was recorded at home in Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA during impromptu sessions between Ben Foster, Robert Burdick, and Paul Gulley over a period of a few months in 2012 - 2013. The album is basically co-written, I don't really want to go into separating parts written at this point since the process was so cohesive.


released January 27, 2013

Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano recording, mixing, and mastering by Ben Foster
Vocals, mandolin, violin, and piano by Robert Burdick
Vocals and piano by Paul Gulley
The lyrics to Crazy Jane were written by William B. Yates

"some stunning songs" - The Sound of Confusion

"Zuletzt haben sich die Washingtoner LoFi-Melancholiker von New Metro typischem Singer/Songwriter-Folk eher satirisch genähert. Nicht so auf ihrem aktuellen Album „Impromptus“, auf dem sie mit Mandolinen, Violinen, Piano und natürlich einer akustischen Gitarre die Grenzen des Genres ausloten. Dabei sticht besonders das aufwühlende „Bones“ heraus, das mit jeder Sekunde an Intensität gewinnt und sich hinter Conor Oberst oder Okkervil River nicht zu verstecken braucht. „Impromptus“ kann komplett von Bandcamp geladen werden." - RP Online: Klicktipps


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New Metro Richmond, Virginia

Email Ben: newmetromusic (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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